Mandala Materials

Three free downloadable coloring pages of mandalas

Paper quilling! Woodwork! And plasticine! For these mandalas I tried experimenting with the materials they’re made from. Because of this they’re not the traditional coloring page line art, and they might be best suited for markers.

I started experimenting with paper quilling, a craft technique that involves shaping strips of paper into intricate designs. The delicate, swirling shapes and patterns I created using this method were perfect for creating mandalas, and I loved the way they looked when finished.

In addition to paper quilling, I also turned to woodworking to create some beautiful mandalas. With my trusty band saw and other tools in hand, I cut out intricate pieces of wood that could be assembled into mandalas. They had a lovely natural quality that was perfect for coloring with markers or other vibrant materials.

Finally, I also experimented with plasticine to make my own unique mandalas. This malleable modeling clay allowed me to create wildly colorful designs full of texture and depth. With its pliable nature and endless possibilities, it was the perfect medium for making truly one-of-a-kind mandalas.

Whether I used paper quilling, woodworking, or plasticine, I… okay, I actually used AI to generate all these images and then processed them with software. 😁

This is the main reason I post this newsletter. It forces me to keep trying new things the technology. Let me know if you think these make good coloring pages, or are they just too weird.

As usual, all of these images were created with the help of an AI image model called Stable Diffusion. Your feedback will be greatly appreciated. My goal is to create the best dang images I can using these tools.

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