Intentionally Blank

A newsletter with free downloadable coloring pages.

My name is Robb, and I am leveraging artificial intelligence to assist in the creation of unique coloring pages. Join my newsletter, Intentionally Blank, to receive free, themed coloring pages three times each week. Using AI, I am creating coloring pages that can’t be found anywhere elseā€”all for free.

I am also releasing coloring books for sale under the Light Braid brand. These books will be able to offer unique images at lower costs.

In fact, I’ve published my first book: Foxy Faces Vol. 1, An Adult Coloring Book with 50 Animal Mandalas.

There are a lot of great artists producing beautiful coloring books that deserve to be purchased at a higher cost. A single coloring book will last me several weeks, and that’s what I tend to look for in a coloring book.

But there is also a flood of coloring books full of clip art and premade interiors being sold at low prices. Do you love to color A LOT? Like, A LOT a lot? I know there’s nothing worse than flipping through 10 books in a book haul and finding duplicate images. This happens because a market has developed to provide a common pool of assets for coloring books that are being produced using a rapid-release cycle.

Using AI tools I am producing coloring books with unique images that I can offer at the same price point of the bulk producers.

If you want to know when I release a new book, subscribe to my newsletter for further updates and free coloring pages.