Goat, Goat, Goat

I wanted my first post to feature goats. When I first started toying with the idea of making coloring pages I started with a goat. My brother keeps goats on his farm. He has chickens, blueberries, bees, and barn cats, too. But the goats are the main attraction.

He and his wife wake up early before commuting to work so they can milk the goats. Then they come home after a hard day of library science to make cheese with the goat milk. Then they make fresh pizza with the cheese.

I associate goats with a level of industriousness that I can’t match.

All of these images were created with the assistance of an AI image model called Stable Diffusion. I have been honing my technique. It’s not as simple as telling the AI to create a coloring page. I generate images, retouch them, upscale them and fix details to make them suitable for coloring.

Your feedback will be greatly appreciated. My goal is to create the best dang images I can using these tools.

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