Down to Earth Goats

Three free printable coloring pages of goats dressed in simple clothes.

These goats lead simple lives. It helps that they can eat practically anything. First we have a farmer who is probably great at weed control. Then a hippie goat with a masterful beard. And finally, we have a hobo goat living a simple life of subsistence.

Also, I’ve uploaded my next coloring book to Amazon. In a few days they should approve the files for publication. I’ve created a set of 50 dapper dogs dressed in various sets of clothes.

When publishing a book you always have to pick out two categories, none of which match what you’re actually publishing, so I ended up picking Animals and Fashion. One of the longest parts of the process is just deciding which categories to list a book under.

As usual, all of these images were created with the help of an AI image model called Stable Diffusion. Your feedback will be greatly appreciated. My goal is to create the best dang images I can using these tools.

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