Last Update: Nov. 01 2022

Please review these terms for future updates.

These terms and conditions apply to all Light Braid coloring books and images produced for sale, and digital art on the Light Braid website and Substack newsletter, Intentionally Blank.

Please comply with all copyright laws in your jurisdiction.

Feel free to:

  • Share scans or snapshots of the pages that you have colored.
  • Print one or more copies for personal use or in a classroom environment.
  • Create videos with a flip-through or color-with-me featuring printed images.
  • Include an image in the context of a review no larger than 500 pixels square with a link back to these terms and conditions.
  • Forward our free newsletter and promotions to people you know while following any laws related to electronic communications in your jurisdiction.

Please do not:

  • Use the images for commercial gain.
  • Share copies of PDFs or images.
  • Distribute direct links to the files. Please link only to the public HTML pages where the files are promoted.
  • Forward any emails from our paid newsletter or that link to purchased digital files.